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Home of Dianne and Bryan Bremner

In 2001 we both retired and moved to Republic, Washington where Bryan grew up an where we owned property on Curlew Lake.  Our first post retirement project was the construction of a new home on the lake.  Our home is very non-traditional, it is technically a partial torus monolithic dome.  We have quite a number of pages of text and images describing our experiences.

Web page for our new home, Curlew Keep.

News Flash:  Our home just made the top 25!  http://www.monolithic.com/domesinnews/2007/10oct/incredible/index.html

If you would like more information on monolithic domes in general please check out the web site for Monolithic Domes, Inc.   We have been featured on their web page but since they can change their page at any time there is no guarantee that they will still have us there.

Our home is not yet finished but we are living in it and enjoying it.  Unfortunately for our completion speed, we have gotten involved in a number of other activities.   Some of these are documented here, some are not.  Those documented are listed below.

Book Reports.  What has Bryan been reading?  If you are a first time visitor you may want to read my ground rules before continuing.

New Book Reports.  New Format, newly read books go here and as I get time old books get moved over.

Temporary Historical Society.   Trial options for Ferry County Historical Society.


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