Landscaping the exterior

After all of these years we are getting sick and tired of tracking in sand everytime anyone comes in the house.  So now we are switching over to top soil!  Not really, it will be dirt for a while but as soon as possible we will be planting grass, possibly stepping stones, and the terraces will be devoted to flowers and herbs for the kitchen. 

We begun by preparing a bed where the blocks will be placed.

The center of the area where we will have the widest area of lawn.

The end where the area will overlook the lake.

We started laying blocks at the north end.

North end detail with 4 ft. well rounds for a tree at the end.

Detail of the first row with Spot enjoying the sun.

Layout of the southern end of the first row.

Beginning construction of the second row of block for the first terrace.

Detail showing the back of the second row, notice the construction of the blocks.

Back of the second row of blocks after they have all been put in place.

Covering the "feet" with the fabric grid in the second row.

Covering the "feet" of the blocks and the grid, there still is some straightening of the blocks to be done.