Once we get the airform up we will be inside for the rest of the time and we won´t have to worry about the weather. This was a very good day, we got the airform stretched over the foundation and it fit perfectly. Now we fasten it to the foundation and we can inflate. The end of a great day! The airform fits perfectly, thank you MDI, there is a great sunset, and it continues to be relatively warm. Airform


It took about a day to get the airform fastened onto the foundation and when we got back the next morning there was 3 inches of snow on the airform. Serious winter starts the day after we get most of the outside work done. Somebody up there must like us. All we have to do now is hook up the blower and plug it in. Inflation

It took about 20 minutes to fully inflate our brand new partial torus dome. Torus

Dianne got to cut the door into the dome from the airlock, and then we got to go in for the first time. First Picture

View from across the lake.

There was a slight error in the calculation of the surface area of the airform. After we got the big construction lights moved in and turned on we noticed these four big pleats. They started about 3 ft off the ground and ended about at the top. They were evenly spaced around the interior wall of the torus. They were all just about a foot deep. We ended up rolling them up tight and tying them in place with wire. Pleats in the airform