Spraying cement

OK, the big day has finally come. It is June 24, 2002 and the first concrete truck has arrived from Grand Forks, BC, Canada. Cement.

The crew seems to be almost ready and I think that we are going to start real soon now.

OK, we are doing it, Walter has just put on about 10 square feet of cement in the laundry room.

Is this what they mean by bounce-back? The cement would stick to the insulation and rebar just fine but then when a nearby area, say about 5 ft away, was sprayed the force of the cement set up vibrations that shook the cement off the ceiling. These got filled in on the next pass but it looked pretty scary for a while.

Remember that picture of the support for the loft? Well, here is the same support after it was about half sprayed. The holes behind the rebar did get filled in.

Here is an interesting picture. The cement hose kept plugging up. When that happened we would all work on the line trying to free the plug. If that didn't work one of the techniques was to put some air pressure on the line to try to force the cement through. It would slowly start to ooze and then it would plop, plop, plop and it would clear out. It wasn't until I got the pictures back that I really saw what was happening. You can see the first out has mostly hit the ground and splashed, the next two look like skinless sausages in mid air and the final little piece is more of a burp. Without the high speed flash you really couldn't see what was going on. Walter is holding the hose.