Cleanup after spraying

OK, the big day, he one we have been waiting for about 6 months, we get to open the dome and let the sun shine in, the wind blow through, and see the lake. View

We had quite a problem with excess cement on the floor. The extra material is really hard to dig through to put in water and drain lines. Here is one of the larger chunks of cement. Jack is putting the slab onto the bucket of my little tractor, Chuck driving.

Dianne on the tractor carrying out chunks of concrete. Spring cleaning.

This is a lot of junk concrete, we should have some good base material for our road.

We got all of the junk concrete cleaned out of the dome, did a rough level job on the floor, and put in the water system and the drain system. This is the freezeless water hydrant that will supply our small orchard. So far the fence has worked to keep the deer out. This is a pretty steep little hill and Jack was very careful with his backhoe when he was digging the 5 ft. deep trench. Freezeless water hydrant.