Floor construction

The water and drain systems are all in and the floor has been given a final level, it is now time to dig down for the sunken living room.

We have the vapor barrier (6 mil plastic) down and the cement contractor is just starting to put in the forms for the floor. I can see why we spray insulation and concrete onto an airform. These complicated forms take a long time to construct..

Now the insulation sheets are laid down on the floor and about 4 inches of 3/8 minus sand/gravel has been placed on it, packed, and given a final leveling. The trenches are shovel scoops for bearing walls. A piece of 1/2 inch rebar is suspended down the center of the trenches. Since the dome is self supporting we don't need much of a foundation for the bearing walls. I am continually amazed at the compression of the 3/8 minus sand/gravel mix. You pack this stuff down and it becomes just like rock. It just has no give whatsoever. Waiting for heat tubes. .

Another big day, our heating system is going in. Our heating contractor showed up with 6 guys and two trucks. They are just getting started with the main supply runs, 3/4 in PEX tubing. The foreman is standing down in the living room. You can see the forms and all the bracing. This was a rare sight, two guys working and four watching. Once the main supply line were in they were all very busy and got the whole house, except for the sunken living room, tubed and tied down in about 4 working hours. Heating contractor starts work..

The foreman was quite diligent about checking to see if the tubes and the manifold supports were in the proper place. Here he is checking the manifold location for the guest bed area..

And here he is checking the tubes that lead out under the stairs..

The forms created by the tubing are quite interesting, Tubes in the guest bathroom area.. Notice the PVC pipe with the blue stripes at one foot intervals, it gives somewhat of a distance measurement.

Tubes in the Outdoor Room and Outdoor Room bathroom from the kitchen/dining room area.

The manifold under the stairs controls the center section of the house. This will be by far the largest manifold .

They just left coils of PEX tubing ready to go for the living room because the forms were in the way and the floor wasn't prepared. Another big step is the pouring of the floor slab. This was quite a lengthly process as it was broken into four separate "pours". Each area had to be set up. Then the cement had to be scheduled, the cement had to harden for several days and then the process was started over each time. There were of course many delays while we had to wait for each and every person to finish other jobs. Then the finisher had an already scheduled fishing trip to Montana. Delays-R-Us. Starting the first pour of cement.