Now we are really in business, The airform is here, the site is level, and we are setting up the forms for the foundation. We are using frost protected shallow footers. We are just setting the footings on the ground and when the heavy work is done the foundation will be surrounded by flat sheets of insulation. We will be foaming the cracks closed and putting a layer of insulation on the outside of the foundation. We will then put about a foot of dirt over the insulation. I was a little surprised when the building inspector said it was a great way to go. Footings

Ok, the rebar for the foundation is complete and we are ready to pour the foundation. However something really funny happened. We woke up one morning and there is this white stuff all over the ground. Actually we have been extremely lucky, it didn´t snow until Nov. 28 and the ground wasn´t hard frozen. After a delay for slick roads we scheduled cement for Dec. 4, and it dawned clear and warm, up to about 40 degrees F. The first truck arrived about 11 am and we were able to get it all poured. We had to pump it, as we can´t drive a cement truck around the dome. Foundation

After the cement was poured we were "forced" to take a couple of days off so it could set up properly. We did mix some calcium into the cement to keep it warm but the weather cooperated. The weather stayed mild and the days were sunny. Next job is to bend all the rebar over and cover it up with airform material. We didn´t want to cut the airform with the sharp rebar while inflating the dome. Rebar