Starting on the Inside

All of a sudden the weather got really cold, 6 to 10 degrees F in the mornings. It was very frosty and unsafe to work on the outside of the dome in the mornings. Besides that the toilet froze up and we can't put in the heat without a few walls. The walls around the mechanical room and the wall around the outdoor room bathroom became a high priority. First walls in our new house.

The next priority was the sealing up of the bigger openings. We started with the main entrance. This is a large entry door, sidelights on each side, and a half circle window on top. Chuck is attaching the entry way rafters to the dome.

Next is an outside photograph after the rafters are all in.

The main entry is now completely sheathed in plywood. We subsequently covered it with black plastic for winter protection.

Next project is the main window wall. First step is the frame for the windows. Next is the installation of the OSB half circle, and finally the placing of the joists.

Ok, the joists are all in, anchored to the dome shell, and the windows are framed in.

Closeup of the window wall arch.

The window wall is done except for final finishing which will happen when we finish the interior dome walls.

Detail of the side of the window wall. We needed to cover up the ends of the joists and smooth out the transition between arch and vertical walls.

We hired a young guy to apply sheet rock mud to the ceiling. He is just getting started over the window wall.

We didn't hire a neighbor to tape and put mud on the entry door in the master bedroom. A beautiful day and the snow is gone except for the ice on the lake.

OK, not related. The ice just broke up on the lake. Big pieces came floating down the lake and the birds are finally swimming after waiting rather impatiently for several weeks.

Master bed entry arch is finished! The picture is a little dim, I think I looked out the window arch with the light sensor.

I am becoming an expert on this stuff. We started out using Beadex All-Purpose Joint Compound.

I met a person who had put on a lot of mud on shotcrete. He strongly recommended the use of "hot" mud for shotcrete.

We have switched over to "hot" mud for the first coat. Here are my (least) favorite tools.

Installing the window over the main entry door. Jack is installing the spacers to hold the half circle window in place.

The first coat of drywall mud is complete. From the guest bedroom area looking towards the dining area.
From above the dining area looking towards the west end of the house - guest bedrooms.

Ceiling and walls completed in the guest bedrooms. The interior dome covering is done in this area.

Finishing the walls and ceiling in the dining area. Dianne is painting the dining room entry.