Inside Construction.

Now we are getting serious about inside walls, counters, cabinets, appliances, plumbing, internal wiring, etc.

The plumbing is a major component of the mechanical system of a house. Here is an example of the difficulties in putting pipes inside a dome. Water lines in back of kitchen cabinet.

Water treatment and distribution. Filtering and chemical treatment area.

Sometimes it seems as though we got carried away with installing pipes. Pipes in one of the walls.

It really feels good to be getting some more of the walls up. Wall between the master bedroom and the hall.

We are starting on the stairs. The structure for the stairs is half done.

More stairs. Bottom half of the stair structure from the second floor.

The structure of the stairs is now complete. Top of the stair structure from the second floor.

Dianne was the first one up the stairs, Wheee!. Someone has to be the first to climb them.

Stairs are done for now. The plywood subflooring on the stairs is complete.

It is time to work on the loft. Jack is finishing the loft joists.

Most of the loft subflooring is done. Jack is starting on the railings.

While the railings are being done Dianne and I are working on the main living level.

It is really nice to clear out the construction mess.

Back to the loft where Jack continues on the railings.

The railing is coming right along.

Attaching the hangers to the dome.

Hanger support detail.

Completing the railings.

The rocks in the outdoor room have been grouted and the bathroom is finished.