We are starting to live in Curlew Keep.

What better time to move into a new house. Neighbors helped us move some of our furniture into the dome a couple of weeks before Christmas. We had just enough time to get set up for living when one daughter and family came up and we went out and cut a Christmas Tree. Just a small thing, only 18 ft. tall. Then for Christmas both daughters and families were here. Kids and grandkids decorated. We were a little short on ornaments and lights, we have never had a tree this big. We had lots of ducks out fishing and an otter enjoyed laying on the just frozen ice to eat his dinner. Our first Christmas tree in our new home. Unfortunately the ornaments and lights didn`t show up very well.

We have settled in for winter.  The temperature has been fairly cold with not much show since the lake froze.  The mini pressure ridges where the ice expands really show up and we had a very mystical looking fog on the lake.

Time passes quickly when you are building, spring has come and we have finished construction in the kitchen.

Back to the fall with Spot overseeing his lake

A cold, frosty morning with mist rising from the lake.  

The lake has now frozen with very strange markings on the ice.  

A fresh snowfall on the ice and a deer got killed on the ice.    

Christmas has come and it brings family and a concert.

Spring and the ice is starting to break up and bring out critters.  

Some younger critters, a juvenile Bald Eagle.