Starting on the Outside

Once we solved the problem of cavities in the shell, it was time to start on the outside of the dome. With our newly cemented J bolts in place we could start mounting the eyebrow over the outdoor room windows and door.

Some of the smaller, single window, eyebrows. Guest bedroom eyebrows.

Now that we have a good floor we can start covering it up. The skylights were delivered so we had to prepare them for mounting. Dianne applying a clear finish to the wood parts of the skylights.

Once the first skylight was finished it could be installed. Jack and Chuck preparing to set the skylight on the supports. As of this writing, Nov. 4, the skylights are all in and awaiting final caulking and some additional flashing.

Insulation needs to be installed around the outside of the foundation. Here is a schematic of the finished plan for foundation drainage. Insulation, drainage, and sidewalk plan.

Here I am, filling in some of the cracks in the insulation. 4x8 sheets don't fit that well around the outside of a dome. Insulation worker trainee trying to figure out how to make it work.

After the insulation was all in it was time for dirt, rock, and tractor work. Drain rock in place over the top of the insulation on the lake side.

We had to build a temporary chute to get the larger landscaping rock next to the house.

Completed landscape rock on the lake side. The dark stuff is landscape fabric to keep the fill dirt separated from the drain rock underneath.

We have had a lot of visitors. Here are two more. Visitors. Since we first got a guest book, on August 22, we have had 133 documented visits with at least 202 total people. We know that there have been many more, both before we got a guest book an after with those who write things like, "John Doe and family", is that 2 or 10 people? On the National Open House, Oct. 19, 2002, we had at least 82 visits and 135 people. Here again we had a number who didn't sign the book and there were sure a lots of kids, dogs, and the neighbors kitten running around. We feel that we had more than 200 people that day.

Once in a while you just have to take a "view" picture. Geese and a sailboat. The end of a beautiful day, all the motor boats have gone home, vacation season has ended, and some of the locals are out for a leisurly sail around the lake. I know the picture is a little big but the smaller one just didn't do the geese justice and it was quite grainy.

Back to work again.

Our next task is sealing up the outside. First was installing the window bucks in preparation for the delivery of the windows. It took a couple of days to install the windows and several more to get them sealed up. Completed windows of the outdoor room.

Second was building the window wall arch. This photo shows the outside covered with plastic as it is getting cold.

It is just about a year since I took a picture from across the lake. Picture taken 12/11/01.

Picture taken 12/13/02.

Picture taken 12/15/03.

At last, the window wall from the outside after it is almost finished.

After many months of having our main entry door being a sheet of 1/2" OSB we finally have an entry door. We spent a lot of fruitless time at window and door dealers - "Thats not a standard size door.", "They just don't make them with those options.", "You would have to get it costom made.", etc. We found a little door and window shop in Grand Forks, British Columbia and they started by asking what we wanted instead of telling us what they can't do. Main entry archway, door, window, and sidelight fillers.

It's been a while since we took an outside picture, the outside is mostly finished. Picture taken 9/5/03.

Interesting snow scene, our trailer just has to get into the act. Picture taken January, 2004.

Its been a long time since we did any outside work. We had the garage doors here for a while and we finally started the installation of the doors and surrounding structure.

Back off the subject again. We had visitors, a local family stopped in for a quick snack - some salad and perhaps a little buggy protein.

"Having the neighbors over for dinner, I think that I like that idea". Latte, one of our cats, seems to think that having guests for dinner would be nice.

Back to the dome. The garage eyebrow and covering are in place.

The entry way in winter.

The living room windows are done.

It is now summer and the entry is in full bloom.

Our flower "garden" until the landscaping is complete.

Our home until the final covering and landscaping.