With the engineering report in hand and the building permit issued we can move on to the next step.

With this hurdle mostly overcome we could see about septic permit and begin excavation.

Next problem is that it is still fire season and all of the heavy equipment is up in the mountains. After a seemingly interminable wait we finally got the test holes dug for the septic permit and a scheduled start for excavation. Virgin site

The backhoe got there, got the site pretty well leveled and we got the outline of the dome drawn on the site. Oops!

Two steps off the dining room and bedroom doors and we would fall down the hill into the lake.

Redesign: we decided to lower the level of the building site by 4 feet. Now we get to wait until the big track hoe and a couple of dump trucks can be freed up from the final fire. Track Hoe

The next step is water. We had a contract for 2 months but couldn`t schedule the well until the excavation was done. We hit water at about 60 ft but went down to 120 ft for a better aquifer. We need lots of water as we are going to use the "pump and dump" form of geothermal for house and hot water heating. We got water!

About this time the Airform arrives. This was a BIG DEAL as we are really getting some serious stuff done! Of course when we get it out of the truck and try to pick it up to carry it down to the dome site the pallet finally gave up the ghost for good. We did manage to roll it over and lift it up using the straps that held it together and move it down the hill and out of the way. Airform