Sorta-Done with the Inside

One of these days we will not be "Sorta-Done with our home, but until then I am not going to wait.  This is a "walk through" of our home until it is "Completely Done".  It is, and has been for a while, completely livable but we still have floor coverings to install in several rooms and the tile in several more.  I will attempt to keep this up to date until I can change the "Sorta" to "Completely".

The main entry and the entry hall.

The entry hall with the stairs in the background.

East or kitchen wall of the entry hall.  

The west wall of the kitchen.  

The north and east wall of the kitchen.  

Looking into the Pantry.

The outdoor room in the winter, you can see the bright snow through the windows.

The west wall of the living room.

Looking down the main floor hall towards the bedrooms.

Stained glass window in guest bathroom.

Master bedroom and wall behind the bed.

Stained glass window in the master bathroom.  

Looking down the stairs from the second floor.

Second floor walkway looking towards the stairs.

A heat-recovery ventilator in the upper mechanical room.  

The sewing area on the second floor.  

Our new living room floor.  

Overhead view of the dining room and the outdoor room.