This is a temporary data file designed to serve as a link to older archived data and also to a temporary storage for a proposed FCDCC Platform (original: 7th LD platform adopted April 17, 2010)

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Archived Data from spring 2008.  

7th LD Platform 4-17-2010.  

Proposed FC Platform 2015.  

Note: When you are the one who puts these things out there, you also have the option of making some editorial comments.   I am choosing to exercise my option. While going over this and editing some strange things that happened to be in the file, I noticed a few weird things. Under TRANSPORTATION, the 7th LD supports: maintenance and enhancement of heavy rail and slack-water navigation. That's all well and good but we no longer have any rail transportation in the central valley of Ferry County and I don't know the status of the rail line between Laurier and the bridge at Kettle Falls - but I wouldn't plan on it staying around for long. As for slack-water, all the definitions seem to say it is the time between high and low tide when the water is not moving. I am guessing that what is meant here is commercial barges on the Columbia and Snake rivers between the dams when there is no noticeable current. I wasn't aware that there was any commercial barge traffic on the rivers in the 7th LD.

Anyway, the point is that the Platforms for the 7th LD and Ferry County should reflect the interests of the 7th LD and Ferry County, not the state of Washington or the Nation. Those can be handled at the CD, State, or National level. I think that as a County organization we need to go through this with a specific County orientation. As members of the 7th LD we should go through the 7th LD Platform (when it gets written again) with a specific 7th LD orientation. I don't even know if the CD has ever had a Platform. The State and National parties definitely do.