Washington State 7th Legislative District Democrats Platform
Adopted April 17, 2010

PREAMBLE: This platform supports our belief that government exists to accomplish for us collectively that which we cannot accomplish individually.

We believe that in a republic, democratic principles are the foundation of a safe, stable, and prosperous future and that these principles must be woven into the fabric of our social, cultural, and economic lives.

We believe that citizens have a responsibility to actively participate in government and thus to help ensure governmental accountability and openness; and a personal obligation to actively promote individual responsibility and mutual respect.

PURPOSE: We adopt this platform to help ensure that voters understand our principles and candidates for public office have the opportunity to understand and support our goals.


AGRICULTURE: We believe agriculture is a domestic strategic resource vital to American Independence and national security.

We recognize: That agriculture is the number one industry in Washington and requires active consideration in all decision making at every level of government.

We support:

COMMUNICATION: We believe that efficient methods of communication are critical for a well informed citizenry and that the free and open exchange of ideas is a foundation of a democratic society.

We recognize: That rural areas require effective communication resources including reliable high speed internet access, affordable access to a spectrum of radio and TV stations that offer diverse programming, and print resources that allow for and provide coverage of a variety of tOPICS of interest to the community they serve.

We support:

ECONOMY: We believe a strong and stable economy is essential to a democracy.

We recognize: That strong, healthy corporations are vital to our economy and to maintaining an acceptable standard of living.

We support:

EDUCATlON: We believe public schools are integral to a strong democracy, bringing together people with diverse experiences, abilities and backgrounds for the common purpose of learning.

We recognize: That it is the duty of government to make appropriate financial provision for the education of all children and to provide access to affordable public education for people of all ages.

We support:

ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY: We believe a healthy economy depends upon a healthy environment.

We recognize: That there is a need for strong environmental protection laws incorporating wise land use planning and the importance of sustainable development.

We support:

FOREIGN POLICY: We believe that the nation should focus on a rebuilding of our reputation in the world as a cooperative and just country.

We recognize: That our country is a leader in the world community and as such must maintain and demonstrate ethical standards in its relations with other countries.

We support:

GOVERNMENT & POLITICAL REFORM: We believe that government must reflect our values as citizens and as such it must be fiscally sound, operate ethically, and be open, transparent and accountable to the people.

We recognize: That taxes are the price of a civil society.

We support:

HEALTH CARE: We believe access to quality mental and physical health care is a basic human right and is essential to national safety and well-being.

We recognize: That the current state of health care funding and coverage is not adequate and that effectively addressing this issue is a complex process but one that must be accomplished for the well-being of our citizens.

We support:

HUMAN RIGHTS: We believe that equal and unalienable rights of all human beings are the foundation of freedom and justice and are essential to the preservation of democracy.

We recognize: That individuals have the right to privacy in all personal matters and that discrimination against any individual or group that limits rights granted to all citizens undermines the strength of our democracy.

We support:

LABOR & ECONOMIC JUSTICE: We believe that economic fairness is a cornerstone of a democratic society and that a living wage is a basic right.

We recognize: That economic justice for working families is essential for the realization of a democratic society.

We support:

We recognize: That law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve have an obligation to work together assuming mutual responsibility for safety and prevention of crime;

We support:

MILITARY: We believe in the value of a highly trained and well prepared military.

We recognize: That that serving in the military is an honor and privilege and we are proud of our citizens' military contributions to the nation.

We support:

TRANSPORTATlON: We believe that transportation systems that are efficient, flexible and take into account future needs are important to a healthy economy and environment

We recognize: That investing in public infrastructure to broaden rural and urban transportation benefits the long-term vitality of a community.

We support: