The name of the organization shall be the Ferry County Democratic Central Committee.


The Central Committee shall conduct the business of the Democratic Party of Ferry County, stimulate interest in the party, and political activity, raise party funds, fill vacancies in the county party ticket, certify to the county auditor a list of qualified precinct election officials, elect a state Committeeman and a state Committeewoman and other officers, and call biennial county conventions.


The members of the organization shall be the Democratic precinct comm1ttee members of Ferry county and the duly elected officers of the organization.


Elected officers shall be: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, State Committeeman, and· State committeewoman.  The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be of opposite sex. any registered voter of Ferry County is eligible for election to these offices.  All officers shall take office immediately upon election and serve from the time of their election until the next organization meeting following the next general election.

Duties of the County Chairman shall be to preside at all regular and special meetings of the Democratic Central Committee and of its Executive Committee, to cast the deciding vote in event of a tie, to appoint precinct committee persons to vacant precincts, to call special meetings, to appoint such further committees as shall be necessary to the proper functioning of this organization, and such other duties as are usually incident to the office of Chairman.

The duties of the County Vice-Chairman shall be to act as Chairman in the absence or incapacity of the Chairman.

The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep a record of all deliberations and actions of the County Central Committee and the Executive Committee, to prepare and distribute agendas for all meetings, and to render such other secretarial duties as the County Central Committee, the Executive Committee, or the Chairman shall require.

The duty of the Treasurer shall be to receive and care for all funds of the organization, to sign all checks in disbursement of funds after bills have been presented to and approved by the Central Committee or its Executive Committee, and to make quarterly reports of the state of the party treasury to the Executi ve Committee.  The Treasurer shall furnish such surety bonds as the County Central Committee may prescribe. The Treasurer's books shall be audited at the biennial organizational meeting of the Central Committee.

The duties of the Sate Committeeman and the State Committeewoman shall be those prescribed by the constitution and by-laws of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington and such other duties as are usually incident to their offices.


There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the elected officers of the Ferry County Democratic Central committee. The Executive Committee shall have full authority to carryon the purposes and duties of the Central Committee when it is not in session.  In addition, the Executive Committee may approve expenditures of Central Committee funds, endorse persons for appointive office, designate delegates to the Fifth Congressional District meetings of the Democratic Party, and delegate authority to the Chairman to act in its name.


There shall be an organizational meeting of the County Central Commi ttee at the county Court House in Republic, Washington, on the second Saturday in December of even-numbered years unless some other  time and place shall be set by the Chairman by proper notice before that date.  Special meetings may be called by the Chairman, or by petition of 25 percent of precinct committee persons.


A County Convention shall be called by the Executive Committee in the spring of even-numbered years for the purpose of electing delegates to the state Democratic Convention, adopting a platform, and conducting other business which may need to come before the convention.  The convention shall be made up of delegates elected in the precincts, in accordance with the rules of the State Democratic Committee, acting on the call of the National Committee.  Precinct caucuses to elect such delegates and alternates shall be held as designated by the state Committee.  All caucuses shall be held at the same time and public notice shall be given to the call for caucuses.  The rules for conducting the caucuses will be those established by the state Committee.


A quorum for the Executive Committee shall consist of a majority of the members.  A quorum for the County Central Committee shall consist of those members present provided all committee persons have been duly notified of the meeting.


The organization shall be guided in its deliberations by Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.


Election of officers shall take place at the organizational meetings.  Precinct committee persons duly elected at the preceding general election shall be entitled to vote in the election of officers at the biennial organizational meeting.

In the event that any elected officer of the Central Committee shall resign, become disabled, or die before the expiration of his/her term of office, the County Chairman shall call a special meeting of the County Central Committee for the purpose of electing another person to complete the term of office.


This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of those members present at a Central Committee meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been circulated in writing to all members of the Committee not later than the time of the announcement of the meeting.