PREAMBLE: Party Principles

We, the members of the Ferry County Democratic Party, do ordain this Platform and affirm that the Party stands for representing and promoting the interests of the citizens of Ferry County, Washington State, the United States of America, and for international peace and cooperation. We further attest that:


The Ferry County Democratic Party advocates and works toward:
  1. Promoting governments at all levels that are truly representative of and responsive and accountable to the people;

  2. Active participation by all citizens in governmental and community activities and affairs;

  3. Diverse and sustainable local, regional, state, national, and international economies;

  4. A sustainable Ferry County economy based on traditional practices of ranching, mining, and forest management and on development of other industries and business, which will enhance the natural environment and maintain our way of life;

  5. Local community and economic development based on life-long educational excellence, social equality, environmental and fiscal responsibility, openness to full public participation, and a spirit of cooperation;

  6. Communication and cooperation among all people for sustaining local, regional, state, national, and international communities;

  7. Sovereignty of Native Tribes, honoring of Native Treaty Rights, and social, economic, and political self-determination of Native peoples;

  8. The principle that everyone is responsible, first and foremost, for maintaining one’s own welfare and well-being and, secondly, that we are responsible for the welfare and well-being of others who cannot provide for themselves, locally, nationally, and internationally;

  9. Honoring those who serve and have served us: police, fire, emergency and health services, and military service personnel, and veterans of these services, and provide for them.

  10. Limiting the political, social, and economic power and influence of corporations or other entities not answerable to the people;

  11. US foreign policy that includes:

  12. US domestic policy that includes:

  13. An economic and taxation policy that rewards work more than capital.

  14. A quality health care system available to all Americans that emphasizes effective prevention and treatment.

  15. Our immigration system must be revamped, recognizing and applying the understanding that the issue is highly complex and requires new, sensitive, and enforceable provisions.

  1. Whereas financial institutions and other issuers of credit instruments in the State of Washington have instituted credit practices which are usurious, it is resolved, therefore, that the Legislature of the State of Washington amend Chapter 19.52 RCW, as follows:

  2. RCW 19.52.020
    Highest rate permissible -- Setup charges.

    1.  Any rate of interest shall be legal so long as the rate of interest does not exceed the higher of: (a) Twelve percent per annum; or (b) four percentage points above the equivalent coupon issue yield (as published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) of the average bill rate for twenty-six week treasury bills as determined at the first bill market auction conducted during the calendar month immediately preceding the later of (i) the establishment of the interest rate by written agreement of the parties to the contract, or (ii) any adjustment in the interest rate in the case of a written agreement permitting an adjustment in the interest rate. No person shall directly or indirectly take or receive in money, goods, or things in action, or in any other way, any greater interest for the loan or forbearance of any money, goods, or things in action.

  3. Whereas, under the current laws of Washington State, citizens are denied the right to petition for redress of grievances at the city and county governmental levels, except under the provisions of Home Rule Charter jurisdictions, it is resolved, therefore, that the Constitution of the State of Washington be amended to allow citizens in all jurisdictions of the State to freely petition for initiative, referendum, and recall, without establishment of a Home Rule Charter.

  4. Whereas, healthcare in the United States as now constituted is economically devastating for many citizens and legal residents, be it resolved, therefore, that the federal government of the United States establish itself as single payer for all healthcare services rendered to all citizens and legal residents of the United States.

  5. Whereas, global warming is recognized as a significant threat to the survival of humans and other species, it is resolved, therefore, energy conservation and development of alternative energy sources and technologies, including solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal, be implemented by the United States.