Ferry County Democratic Party

We, the members of the Ferry County Democratic Party, do ordain this Platform and affirm that the Party stands for representing and promoting the interests of the citizens of Ferry County, Washington State, the United States of America, and for international peace and cooperation. We further attest that:


The Ferry County Democratic Party advocates and works toward:
  1. Promoting governments at all levels that are truly representative of and responsive and accountable to the people;

  2. Active participation by all citizens in governmental and community activities and affairs;

  3. Diverse and sustainable local, regional, state, national, and international economies;

  4. A Ferry County economy based on traditional practices of ranching, mining, and forest management and on development of other industries and business, which will enhance the natural environment and sustain our way of life;

  5. Local community and economic development based on life-long educational excellence, social equality, environmental and fiscal responsibility, openness to full public participation, and a spirit of cooperation;

  6. Communication and cooperation among all people for sustaining local, regional, state, national, and international communities;

  7. Sovereignty of Native Tribes, honoring of Native Treaty Rights, and social, economic, and political self-determination of Native peoples;

  8. The principle that everyone is responsible, first and foremost, for maintaining one’s own welfare and well-being and, secondly, that we are responsible for the welfare and well-being of others who cannot provide for themselves, locally, nationally, and internationally;

  9. Honoring those who serve and have served us: police, fire, emergency services, and military service personnel, and veterans of these services, and provide for them if they have a service connected injury.

  10. Limiting the political, social, and economic power and influence of corporations or other entities not answerable to the people;

  11. US foreign policy that includes: respecting the sovereignty of other nations, open and honest international dialogue and diplomacy, true fair trade, opposition to torture in any form, encouragement and support of democratic principles in all nations, recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples, environmental and social responsibility (including mitigation of global warming, opposition to destruction of old growth and rain forests, sustainable agriculture, and workers rights), the end to genocide wherever and whenever it occurs, and halting the spread and use of weapons of war.

  12. US domestic policy that includes retaining and increasing: US based jobs that pay a living wage, infrastructural maintenance and capacity, economic and social equality, appropriate technologies in order to maximize energy independence, legislative and material support of small business, and an end to federal financial support of big business.

  13. An economic and taxation policy that rewards work more than it rewards capital.

  14. A public education system that is second to none in the world.  This must extend to a technical or university education past high school.

  15. A health care system that is available to all Americans.  It must emphasize effectiveness of treatment and prevention.

  16. Our immigration system must be revamped.  It must be based on a realization that we are a nation of immigrants.  We have always depended on immigrants for much of our essential labor and that many of the potential emigrants are forced to emigrate because of political and economic conditions in their own country which are exacerbated by US policy and multinational corporations.

  17. An end to the occupation of Iraq and a return to Iraq of the proceeds for oil pumped from their territory.  If there ever was an excuse for the invasion of Iraq, it ended on the deck of the carrier with “Mission Accomplished!”