From: Mary Warring

To:     All those willing to participate in the development of a Democratic Platform for Ferry County:

Since it seems to be difficult to get people together for a preliminary meeting in Sept. How about taking time to share ideas via e-mail in preparation for the October 20th general meeting at the Malo Grange at 2:00 p.m. To aid the process, I have enclosed some ideas for you to edit, add to, eliminate, and in general be severely critical of. All suggestion welcome, I will compile your contributions, and the suggested platform will be discussed, debated, and voted upon at the October meeting. The October meeting will be open to all interested Democrats. Further information as to the details of the October meeting will be forthcoming.

Premise: Democracy can only survive if there is a grass roots involvement in community activities: economic, political, and social. It is the people who must be the "watch dogs" and supporters of democratic principles in all phases of community activity. As democrats we can all be actively involved in local government and community activities on a volunteer basis.

Democratic Platform for More Effective Local Government and Ferry County Growth
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