This is a temporary, strictly data, web page.  While the final web site is being designed, this will serve as a temporary storage area for documents in progress.

Currently the contents are as follows:

Final Draft of Ferry County Democratic Platform from 4/19/08

Second draft of platform written by Lyn Edgel

A draft of a platform written by Lyn Edgel and modified by Bryan Bremner.

The platform suggestions made at the precinct caucuses.

Christmas message from Dean Fischer in 1999

Constitution - Ferry County Democratic Central Committee April 2008

Constitution1 - Ferry County Democratic Central Committee June 2008

Statement of Principles and Vote Democrat 2000

Civility Principles from the Washington Association of Churches

Resolution on Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights

Mary Warring platform draft

Tim Coleman platform suggestions (response to Mary)

Large table, What Democrats Believe - Bryan Bremner 2007

Statements of Belief for Fair, 2007

Statements of Belief with talking points for Fair, 2007

Questions (and answers) on VoteBuilder, June 2008