The mission of the Ferry County Democrat's is called to reaffirm its commitment to the elimination of attacks against tribal sovereignty and treaty rights. This resolution is the answer to this call.

We affirm unequivocally the Ferry County Democrat's responsibility to support and recognize the sovereign status of Indian Nations in the United States and to advocate and endorse the fulfillment of Indian tribal treaty obligations and the trust responsibilities of the federal government. The Ferry County Democrat's support tribal government responsibilities to preserve human rights and protect tribal territories as the tribe sees fit.

The Ferry County Democrat's takes this opportunity to express its opposition to all forms of attack on tribal sovereignty. Such attacks still exist in the United States, crystallized within a mainstream configuration of organized bigotry. The present day attacks on tribal sovereignty, as in the past, are rooted within the philosophy of white supremacy and manifest destiny. These philosophies must be opposed.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Ferry County Democrat's, in solidarity with domestic sovereign nations:

A. Calls upon organizations, associate members, and supporters of the Ferry County Democrats to:
  1. Support and participate to their abilities in efforts to educate communities to the insidious nature of present day attacks on tribal sovereignty.
  2. Support and assist where possible in the development of programs that support tribal governments, particularly in rural areas where conflict resolution is weak and anti~Indian activity is high.
  3. Support coalitions, individuals and organizations that oppose attacks on tribal authority, treaties and agreements.
  4. Oppose the involvement of elected and appointed public officials in attacks on tribal authority, treaties and agreements.
  5. Develop relationships with tribal governments
B. Calls upon federal, state and local governmental agencies to:
  1. Advocate and implement the full meaning of the principle of self-determination in its social as well as economic and political dimensions (consistent with US commitments under the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Helsinki Final Act) for Indian Nations and increased federal, state and local government respect for tribal sovereignty.
  2. Collaborate with tribal governments in resolving intergovernmental disputes.
The Ferry County Democrat's call upon all of its members and supporters to engage in actions of peace and justice that will help bring these aims into full reality.

Adopted _____________________________