What do Democrats Believe?

What a few Democrats Believe What most Democrats Believe What a few Democrats Believe
The President should appoint high ranking members of the Executive Departments and controls their activities at all times. The President should appoint high ranking members of the Executive Departments but once they have been appointed and ratified by the Senate they work for the American People under the jurisdiction of the Constitution Other than the Secretaries the ranking members of the Executive Departments should be civil service employees
It is perfectly acceptable for large numbers of civilian mercenaries to carry arms in foreign countries and not be held accountable under military law. Americans overseas in a combat situation should be members of the military and obey military law The American military should not be deployed in foreign countries unless America has been attacked or there is a direct threat of invasion from that country.
Abortion should never be allowed even to save the life of the mother. Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.  The goal is to reduce the need for abortions.  The beliefs of all concerned should be respected. There should be abortion on demand.
If a young girl gets pregnant that is her problem and she should expect no help from the government. There should be readily available sex education and condoms and financial and social support for young women and their children. ???
The President is the leader of the country and his responsibility is to control the activities of the country. The President, the Congress, and the Courts are equal members in the governing of the nation and all are accountable to each other and to the American people. The President is the administrator of the federal government and his responsibility is to maintain the workings of the government.  The Congress sets the priorities for the governing of the country.
A college education is the responsibility of the student and his family.  Bright but poor students can study hard and earn a scholarship. A college education should be available to all who have the ability. A service commitment should be required for all high school graduates.  This could be either civil or military.  At the end of this vouchers similar to the GI Bill should be available to all for training at approved schools.
Military veterans should only get medical treatment if they can prove that their ailments were directly caused by a combat injury. All military personnel and their dependents should receive guarantees of medical treatment as soon as they sign up to put themselves in harms way in service to their country.  This coverage should be at least equivalent to that given to those in the Congress. All Americans should be guaranteed medical treatment.
America is a Christian country and Protestant Christian ethics and morals should control all of our actions America has a long history of respect for the beliefs of all of its citizens.  Many of our greatest leaders have been deeply religious, many have not.  We need to create a pluralistic society where the beliefs of all are respected. Religion and Government need to be kept completely separate.  Government should not control religion and neither should religious beliefs influence our government.
The basis of morality is the family.  The father is the head of the family and is responsible for its welfare.  The mother is responsible for maintaining the home and raising the children.  Children need to be protected from an evil world, they need to learn right from wrong-by punishment if necessary.  Only through hard work and discipline can one prosper. The parents are responsible for raising children.  Children are nurtured and protected, they need to be taught fairness, cooperation, trust, and honesty.  When children start to move out of their home the surrounding community and its resources become available for the continuing education of the child.
Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman and is sanctified by a church.  The bearing and raising of children is appropriate only within such a contract.   Marriage is a partnership between two people.  This partnership is based on love, commitment, and many civil rights and obligations.  Children are the responsibility of both partners. A civil union is a partnership between two people.  This partnership is based on love, commitment, and many civil rights and obligations.  Children are the responsibility of both partners.  If they wish they may be joined in a religious service but this is optional.
All citizens have the right to purchase and bear arms.  It is guaranteed in the Constitution. The Constitutional provision on weapons was based on the need for settlers to hunt for food and protect themselves from Indians and Foreign Powers by forming militias.  We now have a military and police to protect us.  Appropriate sporting uses of weapons is a protected right.  However it is not appropriate to carry concealed weapons or use large caliber or automatic military weapons for sport. It is no longer appropriate for citizens to carry weapons.  Special provisions can be made for hunting and target sports.  Otherwise weapons should be restricted to the military and police.
Homosexuality is an abomination and it should be treated as such. The most recent research suggests that human sexuality is either genetic or the result of hormonal influences in the womb.  In either case, the only valid way to evaluate a person is their job performance, test scores, or ability to repay their debts, etc.  It is immoral to judge them on the basis of biological characteristic or legal choice. Sexual orientation is not an appropriate matter for any legal distinctions.  Gay people should have all rights of straight people including marriage.
The "War on Terror" is a real war and should be fought using the same methods as used in World War II and Korea. The "War on Terror" is a war based on ideology not territory like many earlier wars.  It cannot be won by military force alone, there needs to be a combination of military, police, political, economic, and diplomatic efforts.  It will not be quick but it is the only solution that will work. Osama bin Laden has repeatedly said that it is not America's life style he objects to, he objects to our takeover of Arab lands by military and financial methods.  We need to change our approach to foreign policy.
Our present method of campaign funding and legislators getting information from lobbyists is working fine, don't change it. Radically reform campaign funding.  Allow no gifts or "freebies" to legislators.  Report all contacts with lobbyists.  Require that all special additions onto legislation be labeled with the legislators name, the beneficiary, and the cost.
Taxes are a drain on American business and should be lowered as much as possible while maintaining a powerful military and needed police. Taxes are the dues we pay for the privilege of living in America.  Taxes maintain the common wealth of the nation.  These are the roads, schools, military, courts, and all the services of government agencies.  We need to support these in rough proportion to the benefits that we receive from them.  
People are responsible for their own health care.  If they work hard and are disciplined they will have enough money to afford a good insurance policy. Guarantee that everyone have health insurance at least as good as Members of Congress.  Focus on prevention, improve quality by insisting on appropriate record keeping and access.   The Federal Government should be responsible for all health care.  Completely revamp our drug system to remove excess costs.  Focus on wellness and preventive health care.
Freedom:  Freedom from government regulations, freedom to use the resources of the earth, freedom to pursue ones goals for financial rewards. Freedom:  
The proper domain of government is restricted to the military, civil protection (police, fire, and immediate help for disaster), and civil order (the court system) The proper domain of government is to protect the citizens from threats (military, police, and disaster) and to serve the citizens where the common wealth of the nation is concerned (schools, infrastructure, welfare, health)
The earth was designed for the use of humans.  We need not worry about pollution, overuse, climate change, etc. because it is so big and will provide for us. Humans need to act as "Good Stewards" of the earth.  We must leave this earth in better shape than it was when we arrived.  Parts of the earth have been heavily damaged and these must be reclaimed. Humans are just one species on the earth.  We must reduce our footprint on the earth and guarantee that all species have adequate living space.
The only way to fight terrorism is with military force. Terrorism must be fought with a combination of military force, vigalence, and overseas aid to reduce the forces that push people into terrorism. Western policies have pushed third world peoples into terrorism.  The only thing we need to do is to change our policies.
Lobbying is a necessary part of government Lobbying need to be closly controlled. All lobbying contacts need to be reported, and all "personal" bills need to be completely disclosed. Sitting legislators should have federally funded campaigns.  Violations of campaign laws should result in removal from the ballot and expulsion from office.
All young Americans should be required to spend a short amount of time, perhaps 3 months, on basic civil defense training.  Additional training, either military or civil, would be available for those who desire it.
A college education should be available for all who desire it, have the aptitude, are willing to work for it.
Guarantee that all children and military veterans have health care coverage.  This could be expanded to all citizens at a later date.
Simplify the tax code and change it so that it rewards work and not wealth.
Change our military and foreign policies so that we can win the War on Terror.  It took less time to fight and win World War II than we have spent in Iraq.
America has always led the way into the future.  We must not give that up.  We need to invest in energy research, high speed internet and high speed trains, science and technology, and knowledge based jobs.
The father is the leader of the family and the parents must teach children right from wrong by punishing incorrect behavior. Both parents protect and nurture the children by showing them the values of freedom, fairness, communication, service, cooperation, trust, and honesty.
Business needs to be freed from regulation Government regulation is needed to protect the environment and citizens from the excesses of businesses
The basic rules of our nation were given at the time the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written.  Nothing has happened since then to change them. The basic rules of our nation were given at the time the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written.  These are the foundation upon which we have built our nation. The nation has progressed since they were written.
Causation is simple and direct.  Almost all  are changes are a direct result of a single factor. In a complex world most causation is indirect and a result of many factors.