A nice letter to the Editor of the Spokesman-Review on Nov 12, 2006

Vote heard 'round the world

  In response to Mr. Thomas Sowell's editorial ("Democrats hiding extreme agenda," Nov. 8): sour grapes aren't becoming of you or your party, sir.

  We didn't vote, coast to coast, for an overwhelming change in policy because we are stupid or cannot see through glib speech and slick politics. We voted for change because we want change.

  We are tired of Republican campfire tales of terrorist bogeymen in our closets. We are tired of hearing about the great economy when many of us cannot make a living wage. We are tired of the politics of hatred, discrimination and personal attacks over differences in opinion. We believe that this war is wrong. We believe that diplomacy is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. We believe that a person's and (moreover, a nation's) morality shines through in their actions truer than through words. We also want accountability, oversight and our voice to be heard.

  This country works best when one party can check the other. This brings out the best ideas from both, the policies most likely to benefit the counttry as a whole. We can start to get back to the example for the rest of the world.

  Tim Hamm