The Jane Cody Women's Democratic club is sponsoring a booth at the Ferry County Fair again this year.  I made a presentation / proposal which they accepted.  My proposal was to have a continuously running PowerPoint Presentation which presents a number of statements that follow the phrase, "Most Democrats believe".  These are not "platform planks" per se but they are statements of beliefs that follow from the progressive / liberal values that most Democrats agree on.  In case you are into political theories, these follow the ideas of George Lakoff although I don't guarantee that they all follow very close.

The "statements of belief" can be found here.   Remember that they are all preceded by

"Most Democrats believe"  on a separate piece of paper to the left of the screen.

If you could read these over and tell me if any of them are way off base or add some new ones I would appreciate it.

The file for the PowerPoint presentation should be downloadable from this location.  I haven't tried this before so I hope it works.  If it doesn't work please contact me at and I am sure we can get a copy to you.

I also have prepared a list of talking points for most of these items,  Statements of Belief with talking points  I would also like help with these.  I am going to give these to the people in the booth so that they can have at least one item to discuss if someone comes up with a question or comment.  More ideas would be useful.  

If any of you are PowerPoint experts I would appreciate a little help.  I am much more of a Mac person and I am using my wife's PC because her laptop has a 17 inch screen and my Mac laptop has only a 15 inch display.  However on her PC, PowerPoint only uses the inner part of the display, leaving a black bar on each side.  I don't know enough Windows stuff to tell it to use the full screen.  If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me by email at

Again, I am really looking for help in this.  I need additional Statements of Belief and Talking Points to go with these.  If you think some are stupid, need help, completely off base, or just need a little tweaking, Please, Please, Please tell me.   And of course the Best, Best, Best would be more Statements with included Talking Points.

Please send anything to me at   The booth needs to be set up on Aug 30 so the last details need to be in place by Aug. 29 (Wed.)