Philosophy of Life

Bryan Bremner

The Universe was not put here for the use and enjoyment of man.

To the extent that there is a purpose of man's existence, it is as a steward of our planet and all life that exists on it.

My own personal goals are to maintain and support:
      A.  my relationship with my wife,
      B.  my relationship with my children and grandchildren
      C.  my relationship with my relatives and friends
      D.  my activities in finishing my home>
      E.  my own personal sanity and enjoyment of life

In a broader viewpoint I believe that my nation and the world as a whole is "going to hell in a handbasket" and my nation is leading the charge.

My broader goals are to:

      A.  learn what is going on in the my country and the world

      B.  do what I can to prevent or ameliorate negative forces
            and supporting positive forces

          1.  at the global and national level
              a. where appropriate support the goals of the Democratic Party

          2.  at the local level
              a.  support the goal of getting better broadband service to Ferry County
              b.  support most of the goals of the Curlew Lake Association
              c.  support the effort to build a non-motorized trail between Republic
                   and the Canadian border, should this be successful,
                   to support the linking of this trail to others
              d.  support the goals of the local historical groups
              e.  support other projects increasing the quality of life in Ferry County

How did I get this way?