Temporary revision.  While I am working on a web page for Ferry County Democrats I have some material that I am temporarily storing here.

My proposal for the Democratic Booth at the Ferry County Fair

Oops, lost. ==> This first is my preliminary take on What Democrats Believe.  This was a method of organizing my thoughts.  It is really not relevent to any thing in particular but I am just going to leave it lying around for a while longer, maybe it will mold and sprout penecillin or something.

My recent musings on Democratic politics

My thoughts on Democratic Politics Early draft of "First Version" below

Thoughts on getting our points into the media. Early draft of "First Version" below

Thoughts on what we should be saying. A side comment, based on Lakoff's ideas.

More specific stuff on how to organize.

Some Representative Examples, some from me, some from others. Several Letter to Editor examples

Why am I doing this?  That implies a Philosophy of Life.  This is a one page outline, not a 300 page tome. An aside, where am I coming from.

Spokesman Review policy on letters to Editor. Early draft of "First Version" below2007 version from SR.

First version of Democratic Politics, quite old, it is being revised (see above). My final version at the time, 2007.

An interesting comment referring to a talk given by Charles Krauthammer. I am particularly interested in him because he is a regular columnist in the Spokane Spokesman-Review, the closest example of a daily newspaper that is delivered to my door.