Why I am doing this?

Some months ago I was looking at a list of books in our library system I saw a title that I wanted to check out.  I made the request and then a week later I picked up the book at the local library.  When I opened it I thought that I had read it before.  Then I stopped to think, "Just what was he talking about?"  I found this irritating but no big deal, I had just checked out the book, I can just read it again.  It was still a good book so I didn't begrudge the time spent, but I was mad at myself for not realizing that I had read it before.  Then I turned to the page in front where the publisher lists the other books by the same author.  By now I remembered reading a couple of them but I couldn't remember exactly what was said or the difference between them.

Well, I know how to solve that problem, I'll make a list of the books I read.  It has to be a different list from my existing catalog of books.  This is a complete list of the books that my wife and I own but since these books are still in boxes, we moved and have built a new home but our library area is not yet finished and the bookshelves are not installed.  Besides, this is just a list of books, no information as to their contents.  If you want to remember what the author said, and have a memory like mine, you will need a few notes.  It's gotten a little out of hand but it is sort of fun.  One warning, if you can't stand to know any of the plot, don't go there.  This is MY list, for MY books, for MY information.  If you don't want to know who discovered what (for the science books), or who thinks what (for the political, etc. books), etc., sorry, I do.  I have tried to not say exactly who "done it" in the mystery or science fiction books but there is enough there that some might find it offensive.

In some cases I have made some editorial comments.  That is what I was thinking when I read the book, that's what the book says to me.  This is probably a lot of excess verbiage but I'll stop now.

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