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Listen to Your Mother  Stand Up Straight!   How Progressives Can Win

This is a Big Book!  It is big in its conception, it is big in its ideas, it is big in its execution, it really should be big in its influence, and it is certainly big in the number of words.  Not counting the xxvi stuff at the beginning there are 628 numbered pages.  The font is not really big, the borders and margins are not really big, and there is not a large excess of white paper that you see in some "artistic" books.  Mr. Creamer has a lot to say and it just takes a lot of text to say all of this.

My wife and I were both Chemisty majors when we started college and I told her the book was a lot like a lab manual.  I felt that if I left out one paragraph, one idea, I wouldn't get the full impact of the book.  Summarizing the book was far harder than any that I have done before.  Not only was the book very long and the points were important, I had trouble with my HTML editor and the procedure that I was using while I was attempting to summarize the book.  I ended up having to break it up into many smaller pieces and many times editing each piece numerous times before I got it as right as it is going to get.  I know that there are errors. 

The errors that my procedures / HTML editor were making, necessitated breaking the book into a number of pieces.  The divisions are strictly because of error correction, and not some logical design.

As I have mentioned before, the reasons for writing these "Book Reports" or summaries are so that I have some sort of self discipline so that I understand the books better than a cursory reading and can also come back several years later and refresh my memory of the book as well as giving others who might be interested an idea of what the book is like so that they can make a more knowledgable decision as to whether or not to read the book in its entirety.

One last comment. After I finished with Stand Up Straight I got an email advertisement. It appears to be for a book that may be very similar to Stand Up Straight. It is (from the advertising email) --
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Stand Up Straight - Forward and Introduction through Chapter 22

Stand Up Straight - Chapter 23 through Chapter 27

Stand Up Straight - Chapter 28 through Chapter 33

Stand Up Straight - Chapter 34 through Chapter 39

Stand Up Straight - Chapter 40 through Chapter 42

Stand Up Straight - Chapter 43 through Chapter 48

Stand Up Straight - Chapter 49 through Chapter 50

Stand Up Straight - Chapter 51 through Conclusion

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